Frequently asked Questions

Got questions?

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emstory is a fun and easy new app to share the times of your life.

I love this app! What can I do with emstory?

We’re all about storytelling. Here’s a small sample of emstory ideas:

  • Make personalized greeting cards (birthday, graduation, Christmas, wedding day, Valentine's day etc.)
  • Record a fairy tale with your own voice using one of our story templates
  • Share your expertise with a How-To story as a manual or DIY-video
  • Forget that holiday newsletter - send a holiday emstory
  • emstory your cause to raise money or awareness
  • Create an invitation to a party or any other event
  • Summarize a workshop or speech

Let us know what you come up with! (And feel free to rate us on iTunes.)

    How can I promote my business with emstory?

    emstory is perfect for smaller businesses. It’s so much cheaper than video and you can make your emstories right in house. No more shaky cell-phone videos - good quality pictures, your own narration. Professional and personal.

    You can use it for promotions, to roll out new products, hype a special sale or other last-minute deals on rooms or reservations. Add a link to your emstory in a press release. Have a band or a fashion line or a new book coming out? Use emstories for teasers or trailers.

    emstory for business is affordable, fast and easy to use. Share your story with us on social media and so we can post, tweet and pin it.

    Can I get emstory on Google Play Store?

    Not yet. Right now, emstory is only available for iPhone or iPad. We are working on that.

    How big should the pictures be?

    We designed emstory so it won’t stretch or distort your images. The export automatically selects a format that best fits your images and video clips. Some people prefer their pictures to be all the same size, others don’t care. Play around with it - it’s your story!

    I got the app - what do I do with it?

    Anytime you’re taking pictures, you can make an emstory. Whether you’re shopping with your friends or vacationing in the mountains – if it’s worth a picture, it’s worth a story. You can make an emstory right on the spot with the pictures you're taking (yes, it’s that fast and easy!) or go back through your camera roll later for memorable moments.

    How can I post my emstory on my website?

    There are several options for you:

    1. Add the link to your emstory the same way you would add any other links to your site.
    2. Embed your emstory into your website the same as a YouTube video. See this post for details.
    3. Export your emstory as a video file (mp4) and embed it in your website

    I made an emstory of old pictures - can my dad do the recording?

    Yes he can. emstory offers something unique: You can invite anyone you want to an emstory, as long as they have the app. Your dad can explain the pictures remotely, who's in them, what year - all of it. Nice thing is, you've not only snagged a piece of family history - you'll always have the recording of his voice.

      It sounds like emstory could help me collaborate on my new project?

      You’re right, it can be. Invite your team to a project in the app and create your video remotely.

      Whether you're planning a conference, practicing interior design, teaching your wait staff about the menu - emstory is a fast, free way to get people talking.

        How do I share my emstory?

        emstory offers two ways to export your video picture story:

        1. Story Server
        2. Video File Export (mp4)

        We strongly recommend to use the Story Server, because it can display hyperlinks, does not require additional storage and receivers can open your video instantly. Post the link via your favorite channel like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, email, text.

        The following Browsers will replay your emstory reliably: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

        When do you need to export it as a video file (mp4)?

        1. If your story contains video clips
        2. If you want to post to Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo

        What if I need different voices for my emstory?

        If you are not satisfied with the sound of your voice we offer you to book a professional speaker via emstory.
        For additional information visit our website or social media channels.

        What happens if I screw up my recording?

        We got you covered. There’s space for each picture where you can type what you want to say. We call this our scriptboard. Just read the text out loud while recording. If you don’t like how it sounds, you can record over it as often as you like.

        Can I make a suggestion?

        We’d appreciate to get in touch with you via

          Can I add a link to my website in our emstory?

          Yes, you can link every scene of your story to websites.

          See this post for details.

          Please be aware of the fact that hyperlinks only work in your emstory if you export it via our Story Server.

            Stories don't play on my iOS device

            If a story does not play on your Mobile Safari Browser, please check if JavaScript is enabled on your device: Settings/Safari/Advanced/JavaScript

            This is enabled by default. There have been cases where this settings was disabled by a software update.

              Can I change the preview image used in my social media posts?

              Once you have published your emstory via our Story Server the social media platforms cache the preview image.
              The simple solution is to select the new image, delete the story from the Story Server and upload it again. Share the new link as before.
              If this procedure does not work for you because you must keep the existing link alive your social media platform (e.g. Facebook) may provide tools to clear the image cache.
              If so, you can simply select the new image and upload the story again without deleting prior to that.