Enter the new era of digital storytelling
Enter the new era of digital storytelling
– on your own or together
Teams global remote verbinden
Connect and experience teams globally remotely
Gemeinsam Geschichten
Telling stories together has never been easier - more ideas, more voices, more joy with less time and money
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Here is an excerpt of the spectrum of possible uses of emstory in your company.

emstory B2B Video
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multilingual communication

Create multilingual company information in real time, constantly updatable.

multimedia video story

Storytelling at its best. Complex content can be presented quickly, easily and in a compressed form - all with your corporate identity and brand included.


teamwork 24/7

Boundless networking in time and space. With emstory barrier-free, networked and cooperative work for everyone.

budget miracle

What do you think about achieving a huge impact with the smallest marketing budgets? Creating highly professional stories at very affordable prices that are always available. That's priceless.


information focus

Compress information tsunamis with short and understandable emstories.

multimedia mix

- images - music - Video snippets - Text modules - Screenshots - Hyperlink

emstory presents a software
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emstory presents a software
Company Trip
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Company Trip
Art of storytelling
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Art of storytelling