Our Story

Once Upon a Time

Two old friends came together to talk about an idea for a new business. The concept was a digital whiteboard application that let companies collaborate and share information easily across time zones and continents. The idea was so well received, a new company was formed to develop the application. Of course they were interested in feedback, but there was one surprising thing consistently heard. People were using the application to goof around with their friends. To build stories – not just do work. They used the app to build picture stories to share with their family. And since collaboration was already built in – they could invite people to create the stories with them. A digital whiteboard…or a digital storyteller?

A Vision for the Future

emstory is a way for storytellers to connect with each other and with the world. It’s a way for families to connect – no matter how far apart they live. We designed the app to be easy enough for anyone to use, without sacrificing the quality of the story. It can be used for fun or for business – or both! We see the emstory platform as a storytelling opportunity:

  • A new channel for digital children’s stories and comic books
  • A platform to promote visual arts, fashion shows, fan fiction
  • A unique tool for product reviews or services feedback.
  • A way to capture and honor your family history.
  • A personalized greeting card that includes audio.
  • Quick and affordable tool to encourage tourism.

The point of emstory is to let our stories be heard.

Light Bulb Moment

People want to share meaningful moments from their lives. And we had a tool for them to do it. You didn’t have to know how to edit video or eat up a bunch of data on your phone. You could just take the pictures you already have and talk about them. Right in the app. There were millions of stories – and even more pictures out there – over a billion posted on Facebook alone. The app was simple to use – you didn’t need to be technical. That’s when emstory was born.

The emspire Group was formed to incorporate emstory as a separate communication channel.

We have corporate offices in the U.S. and Germany.

We added new investors specific to the emstory product.

Our focus groups are providing positive feedback, as well as many ideas for new features.

We’re launching an emstory roll out on social media.

The emstory app is available at the iOS App Store.

Upcoming Milestones

The vision for emstory is so much more than an app. The more we listen to our users, the more we talk to our partners and investors, the more potential we see. Major events are in the works before years end:

  • We have a pending partnership with a leading provider of AR wearables.
  • emstory will be launched as an Android app at the Google Play store.
  • Users currently upload their emstories to our servers for sharing.
  • We plan to expand that platform to display any publicly available story as part of a searchable domain.

Partnership and Investors

If you’d like more information about working with emstory, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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